All Star National Finals

The entire competition is now VIRTUAL!

Enter your All Star Dance Teams, solos, Duets, or cheer teams! Rec, Novice, Prep, AND Elite!

Entry Fees:

Dance Solos $60

Duets/Trios $95

Small Groups Dance: $199

Large Groups/Lines/Productions Dance $350

All Star Dance Teams $350

Cheer Teams $350

Cheer Solos $50

Cheer Jumps $30

Cheer Tumble $30

Cheer Duo $75

Cheer Stunt Team $125

Photogenic: $25 1st photo & $10 each additional photo

Miss/Mr Star Competition $50

Awards: More than we can list! Jackets, Rings, Banners, Trophies, Crowns, Gifts, Sashes, Scholarships, and CASH!

To Register-

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