Spring Floor Sales & Event Rentals

Spring Floor Sales & Rental

Floor rentals for your next event OR flooring sales for your gym/program.

Email to inquiry about purchase or Rental! info@babyimastar.org-- Or click here for a quote

Variety of sizes available.

Different wood options.

Delivery & Setup Available.

Single or Double Layer floors.

Used & New Floors available.

We also buy your used floors.


EXTENDED!! Flooring orders receive FREE team entries to any/all Baby I'm A Star cheer & dance competitions for 2023-2024! Payment plans available.

** All payment plans- floors must be paid for in full- 2 weeks prior to shipment or pickup.** Message for info!

Flooring sales & deposits are no refunds, returns, exchanges on flooring purchases. All flooring sales & deposits are final.

  • Wood Types

    **4x8 standard wood- great for a facility looking for a lower cost, yet quality flooring option

    **5x5 birch- premium spring floor- resilient & extra long lasting

  • Build Type

    **Double Layer screw- 2 layers of 1/2" wood. Build will include screwing the 2 layers together with 4-6 screws per sheet. Some customers feel this creates a more secure, stable foundation.

    **Velcro- 2 layers of 1/2" wood. Velcro will be put on the top and bottom layer of the floor.

    **Single layer- made with 3/4" wood and H-channels to connect.

  • Size

    **54x42' is a typical/regulation size cheer floor and is considered a 9 panel cheer floor.

    **42x42' is a typical/regulation size gymnastics floor and is considered a 7 panel cheer floor.

    **We also do any custom size floor/tumble strip.

  • Mats

    Flexi rolls are available as an addition to any spring floor or just purchased by themselves. Often referred to as a "dead floor".

    Flexiroll measurements are 6'x42' and 1 3/8" thick.

    If another size is needed please send an email for availability.

    Colors: blue, red, charcoal grey, black, purple & teal

  • Velcro

    Velcro are approximately 42' in length.

    Colors available: black, orange, bright green, grey, yellow, white, maroon, bright pink, teal, turquoise, purple, red, blue, thin outline white

  • Floor Skirts

    Floor skirts are a great addition to finish off a spring floor.

    Lengths available: 54' & 42'

    Colors available: Blue, Black, Grey, Red, Yellow, Purple, Hot Pink, Soft Pink

  • Pickup/Delivery

    Pickup is available in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

    Shipping is also available.

    Professional installation is also an option.

  • Financing

    ** Layaway- make a down payment you are comfortable with. Set up a payment plan that fits your budget.

    **Traditional financing- we will set you up through a financing company we deal with. When approved, they will set up monthly payments foryou.

  • Rental

    42x42 or 54'x42' spring floor OR any size dead floor (just mats).

    Perfect for your event!

    Delivery and set up is available.

    Inquire on date availability & price.

  • For Sale

    54'x42' Spring floor used 1 time for an event. Palmer springs. Inquire on price. Delivery & Installation is available.

  • For Sale

    At each Baby I'm a Star competition in 2023-24 the dead practice floor and the spring floor are for sale at a discounted rate. Plus no shipping fees! Just pick it up at the end of the competition! If you are in the market for a new floor message for more info!