2023-24 Virtual Competitions

Registration now Open for ALL Virtual Competitions!

Virtual competition for individuals OR Teams. Enter with your club/studio or as an individual.

Cheer or dance entries


Showcase entry $25/cheer team or dance group (judges scores/comments)

Competition entry $95/cheer team or dance group (judges scores/comments/placement/award)

Solos: $20 entry

Duos/Duets/Trios: $40 entry

Jump off: $10

Tumble off: $10

Entry Categories

Cheer Teams- Divisions- Novice, Prep, Elite, GameDay, Collegiate, Rec

All entries will be posted for viewing.

Tumble off-a video of your cheerleader doing 1 standing tumbling sequence and 1 running tumbling sequence.

Jump off-a video of your cheerleader doing 3 jumps of your athletes choice.

Stunt Team-a video of 2-5 cheerleaders doing a series of stunts to music. Routine must be under 1 minute long.

Dance Group/Team-a video of 4 or more dancers doing a group dance routine. All star & Dance studio routines will be judged in different divisions and score sheets.

1.5 minute Cheer Solo-a video of your cheerleader doing a upto 1 .5 minute routine with tumbling, jumps and dance to music.

Cheer Duo-a video of  2 cheerleaders doing a routine with tumbling, jumps and dance to music.

Up to 2.5 Minute Dance Solo-a video of your dancer doing a dance routine to their choice of music.

Dance Duet/Trio-a video of  2 or 3 dancers doing a routine to their choice of music.

Awards: Will be trophies, Baby I'm a Star Jerseys, Scholarships, Banners, & MORE!

There will ALSO be bids given for Baby I'm a Star Finals!

Cheer: April 6-8th- Oklahoma City, OK- Fontier City- Six Flags

Dance: April 12-14th- Branson, MO- Silver Dollar City

There will be a shipping fee for awards.

Sample score sheets are available on our website.

How to Enter:

Register using the online form-


Week of recording- you will text 605-695-6445 when you are ready to record.

You will then receive a code to put up in front of your camera and have 10 minutes to record & submit your video.

For the most up to date info:Join our facebook group:(3) Baby I’m A Star Dance & Cheer Competition | Facebook

And Like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/babyimastar

Questions!? Email: emily@babyimastar.org

Competition dates:

Star Finals-December 31-Jan 6 (Awards Jan 9th)

Glam Jam- Jan 14-20 (Awards Jan 23)

Branson Compete Off-Jan 28-Feb 3 (Awards Feb 6)

Corn Palace Extravaganza- Feb 18-24 (Feb 27)

Ultimate BIAS- March 10-16 (Awards Mar 19)