2022-23 Registration

Save your spot at each regional competition. $250 deposit to secure your studio/club's spot. The rest of the fees due 30 days prior to your competition. PLUS putting down a deposit gets you a 5% rebate you will receive the day of the competition!

Regular registration will start September 1st for competitions still with openings. Deadline 30 days prior to the competition or until full. Whichever is first!

Click Here to Register

Regional Price Entry Fees

Our prices for our regional competitions are as follows:

Dance Solos $40

Duets/Trios $75

Small Groups $99

Large Groups/Lines/Productions $199

All Star Dance Teams $199

Cheer Teams $199

Cheer solos $30

Cheer jumps $20

Cheer Tumble $20

Cheer Duo $50

Cheer Stunt Team $75
Miss/Mr Star Competition $25