Ultimate Baby I'm a Star

You Choose!

Compete Saturday Only

Compete Sunday Only

OR Compete BOTH days and be eligible for special combined score awards!

There will be an awards ceremony both Saturday & Sunday.

Saturday Evening: Kickin' Candy Party for the particpants & Coach's Soire - FREE!

The competition will take place at The Elmen Center at Augusta University.

Admissions fees: $25/weekend for spectators or $15/day band.

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"the connection"In an effort to educate and provide the best resources in the industry to the people of South Dakota, the connection, organized by Payton Steffensen, dancer/singer/actress/choreographer, in conjunction with the Baby Iā€™m a Star Dance and Cheer Competition in Sioux Falls, SD on March 10-12, 2023, is making connections a reality. The connection is an inaugural event designing opportunities to educate performers of all ages on auditioning techniques and industry hacks to better understand and prepare for a career in the performing arts. In addition, the connection has been inviting schools and conservatories for a spectacular networking opportunity/audition access for the performers looking to take the next jump towards a professional career! Alert your parents, those set with eyes on the professional world, upcoming graduates and keep an ear out for updates coming!

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